System Software - Verilogic system software brings it all together. From the WMS to the individual system components. Our software is custom tailored to meet your business needs. .

  • Interface to various WMS and ERP systems including Red Prairie and SAP.

  • Interface to various conveyor controllers including Allen Bradley PLC's.

  • Automatically generates customer specific label formats and populates them with data on demand.

  • Provides historical view of all items processed through the system.

  • Provides the ability to generate reports on production

How Pallet Trak™ works.
Overview - A typical pallet labeling solution installation utilizes barcode scanners to "induct" the pallet into the system. These scanners read the case codes on the pallet as the pallet enters a stretch wrapper. Information from the scanners is then transmitted to the Verilogic control PC. Upon receipt of the case code information the system software will lookup any variable information for the product and add that information to the pallet label. The system will then generate a unique pallet license plate barcode and send it to the label printer-applicator. As the pallet exits the stretch wrapper labels will automatically be printed and applied. A scanner will then verify the labels have been applied and are correct for the pallet. Immediately after verification the system software will communicate to the host WMS adding the pallet to inventory.
VeriLogic Provides the Complete Turn-Key System


License Plate Label - Uniquely identifies each pallet in the supply chain.
  • The Verilogic system software automatically generates a unique pallet license plate for each pallet produced.

  • Labels are fully compliant UCC128 and can be adapted to include your specific information including product descriptions, date codes, order numbers, etc,

  • Typically printed on 4" x 6" label stock.

  • Processes at speeds up to 10 pallets per minute.

Control PC - Verilogic provides Industrial Windows embedded control PC's with our systems. These industrial hardened systems have no moving parts and include a 5 year warranty.
  • Windows Embedded OS
  • Multiple on board Ethernet Ports
  • Multiple on board serial ports
  • Flash based memory with available expansion.
Pallet Label Printer-Applicator - Swing Tamp Label Printer Applicators are used in all of our Pallet Labeling Systems. The design of these systems allows them to be configured for leading and side panel or trailing and side panel labeling. All applicators utilize off the shelf components and Zebra print engines.  
Induct and Verification Scanners- Used to identify products on induct to the labeling system as well as to verify products have been correctly labeled.
  • Laser barcode scanners or Vision systems can be used in our system.
  • Verification scan to ensure proper data and application for each pallet and communicate and update mainframe/server and report production activity.
PLC Control Interface- Used to signal the conveyor controller and other devices on the line based on events occuring during the labeling process.
  • Verilogic can provide a complete control panel integrated into the turn-key system.