Accurate Data. Smart Package Labeling.

Verilogic Package Trak™ is a "smart" carton identification and labeling system. Our automated system utilizes TCP/IP connectivity to provide real time communication to immediately identify and determine the business requirements for each carton - including the label format and data specifications. Labels are printed, applied and validated to ensure accuracy and communicated downstream to additional applications. Smart solutions - more accuracy - improved efficiency.

How Package Trak™ works.

Interface - Maintains communication between your Warehouse Management System (WMS) mainframe/server and Package Trak’s controlling PC.

  • Interfaces with a variety of host systems such as SAP

  • Retrieves and stores data in real time during the manufacturing process.

Control/Identification - Precisely tracks movement of cartons being transported down one or multiple conveyor lines.  

  • Enable or disable the printer/applicator(s) based upon the package criteria  

  • Starts or stops the induct conveyor to ensure carton spacing  

  • Determine which cartons should only receive shipping labels and/or detailed packing list labels when controlling multiple carton orders

  • Divert mislabeled, or unlabeled, cartons down a reject spur for subsequent manual processing

Weigh Scale - Incorporate data from a weigh scale into a label format, transmitting to your shipping/host system to calculate correct freight charges. 

Labeling - Format, prints and applies the label with the data specified for each carton.

  • Production speeds of up to 60 cartons per minute 

  • Labels can be generated by using pre-formatted versions directly from the mainframe or by retrieving the required data fields and formatting the label accordingly

  • Control automatic printer/applicators as well as stand-alone printers


Validation - Verification that the applied shipping or packing list label is correct for that specific carton and update the mainframe/server. 


SecurityPrevent unauthorized use of the system by establishing authorized log-on names and passwords, as well as event logs to track activity.