Verilogic partners with leading providers of Auto-ID hardware. We fully support the products put into our systems. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the technology available and the products that will fit best into each customized system. The total solution is successful when the right products are implemented and programmed to work within the infrastructure of the system. 

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Label Printer Applicators
Code-In-Motion - 
Formerly known as Apax Versapply. Code-In-Motion has supplied high quality label printer-applicators in all tyoes of environments for over 30 years. Verilogic has been the midwest region distributor for their products since 1995.
Barcode Scanning and Vision
Cognex - 
Sick - 
Control PC - Verilogic provides Industrial Windows embedded control PC's with our systems. These industrial hardened systems have no moving parts and include a 5 year warranty.
  • Windows Embedded OS
  • Multiple on board Ethernet Ports
  • Multiple on board serial ports
  • Flash based memory with available expansion.
Case or item Labels - Uniquely identifies each pallet in the supply chain.
  • The Verilogic system software automatically generates the package, case or item label required.

  • 1D and 2D barcodes with all required information can be printed on demand with our systems.

  • The Package Trak system with  print and apply applicator eliminates the need to maintain inventory of preprinted labels for each item. This also removes the possibility of mislabeled product from your process.

Case Label Printer-Applicator - Various types of label printer applicators can be adapted to your product. The Blow On Printer applicator shown here is often a great match for case labeling. All applicators utilize off the shelf components and Zebra print engines.  
Induct and Verification Scanners and Imagers- Used to identify products on induct to the labeling system as well as to verify products have been correctly labeled.
  • Laser barcode scanners or Vision systems can be used in our systems.
  • Induct scanning provides the information needed by the Verilogic system software to create each packages label.
  • Verification scanning ensures the correct label has been applied and is readable throughout the supply chain.
PLC Control Interface- Used to signal the conveyor controller and other devices on the line based on events occuring during the labeling process.
  • Verilogic can provide a complete control panel integrated into the turn-key system.