The Verilogic Dashboard™ Module provides Supervisors and Management with a real time view of the overall identification process. Data collected by the identification system devices provides an instant view of all work in process. By providing this view, management can see where efficiency can be improved, send parts to a station and prepare for shipment. 

Centralized Control. Monitor in Real Time.
How Dashboard™ works.
Data Collection - Dashboard™ gathers information from all of the identification system devices in the installed system. Examples of the data collected are;
  • Status of all devices in the system.

  • Number of items produced per station or line.

  • Number of rejects per line.

  • Low media warning indication for printers.

Capabilities - In the example screen shown here. The Dashboard™ Module was custom tailored to fit the customers process. This particular system captured, calculated and displayed the following information on the supervisors PC.


  • Part number produced on each station.

  • Elapsed time since operator started processing product.

  • Quantity of product processed at each station.

  • Piece rate by station.

  • Status of the label printer by station.